Our Services

Threat hunting as Service

Threat hunting is a way of finding out hidden threats within IT infrastructure. This also helps to see if the security operations have found and documented all the false positives and are effective in monitoring the events that are received as part of the IT operations.

On-Demand Chief Information Security Officer

In today’s competitive business it is very expensive to hire a CISO (chief information security officer) and finding a quality CISO is a big challenging job for the business. By engaging the CISO service organizations can pass on the overhead to us and concentrate on the core business.

Compliance as


Organizations are facing challenges in meeting a lot of regulatory requirements. Some of the major challenges is keeping up-to-date on the requirement, assessing the effectiveness, and facing audits. 247infose takes this burden from the organizations allowing them to concentrate on the business.

Vendor Assessments as service

Every organization is engaging vendors/partners who help drive the business. 247infosec helps in assessing the security compliance of the vendor and ensures that the vendor is well protected and meets the business requirements.


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